10 Free Mood-Boosters for Mental Health and Happiness

Good mental health does not have to be expensive but ignoring it can be.

Rachel Steinman
7 min readJul 12, 2021
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There is no denying serious mental health conditions require therapy with trained professionals and/or the right medication and need to be taken seriously. My amazing mom and countless other people I love and admire are proof of the benefits of their psychologists and psychiatrists as they continue to require support and love and compassion from their loved ones. The following is for the other times- when achieving mental health is within our own hands.

10 of the Best Things in Life- plus a few bonuses and related podcasts that are all free, make us feel better and make us feel happier.

  1. Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine because it draws people together. It diminishes pain, strengthens your immune system, boosts your mood, and lessens stress. Bonus- It works your ab muscles.

Turn on a comedy or funny podcast. Watch silly pet memes. Call your hilarious friend and reminisce about a time that made you fall over with laughter. Giggle, cackle, snort, and smile. You will undoubtedly feel lighter.

Laughter as Medicine



Rachel Steinman

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