Gifts for Mental Wellness

Rachel Steinman
2 min readDec 15, 2021

Gift Ideas to Help Manage Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, and Depression

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Gift-giving is an art and when it’s thoughtful and meaningful, the craft is illuminated and very much appreciated. We all can agree the gift of wellness is a generous one considering health is wealth, says anyone who is not feeling mentally or physically well.

I want to begin by sharing this wellness gift idea list with a note of caution.

If your loved one asks for a gift that is mental wellness-related then by all means offer it around the Christmas tree, menorah, birthday cake, or any gift-giving occasion. If not, you may not want to give them a wellness gift in a public space because it may bring attention to an area they are struggling with, one they don’t want to be discussed or pointed out.

Wellness Gifts

*Sometimes the best mental health gifts are pure and simple breaks of having fun with friends, loved ones, and/or family members.

*A pure magnesium oil to soak feet in warm water every day for a half-hour.

*Mindfulness journal

*Fidget toys, rings, bracelets, or spinners

*Loop earplugs for sensory overload to reduce noise

*Weighted blanket

*Weighted stuffed animal

*An aquarium

*White noise machine/sound machine

*Oil diffuser with lavender or other aromatherapy oils

*Light therapy lamp/Mood light/Vitamin D Lamp to prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder

*Quality earbuds to listen to music and maybe a subscription to Spotify

*Lavender spray for pillows and sheets

*Coloring books to get lost in

*Anxiety and phobia workbook

*Salt lamp

*Insight timer

*Calm app subscription

*The book “Chatter” by Ethan Kross to recognize inner critic

*Back massager or a gift certificate for a professional massage



Rachel Steinman

Host of “Dear Family,” the Podcast, Writer, Educator, and Mental Health Advocate